Don Little Cries As He Begs Funny Face For Forgiveness


Ghanaian actor, Don Little in a recent post has pleaded for forgiveness from comedian, Funny Face.

The actor, in a facebook video post, amidst tears called on social media masses as well as respected people in society to apologize on his behalf to his boss.

Though he did not mention the exact reason for which he was asking for pardon from the comedian, Don detailed how Funny Face has been of great support to him and expressed his deep love and respect for the latter.

According to him, Funny Face recognized his talent when no one else did.He recounted how Funny Face helped propel his failing career, by featuring him in several short skits on instagram.

Don further indicated that, though he had starred in several movies, his brand had still not been rooted in the movie industry till he encountered his “savior”, Funny Face.

“I beg everyone close to my boss, Funny Face to plead on my behalf and tell him how much I love him. He has fed and clothed me before. He made me who i am today because it was he who brought me to the limelight”, he stated.

Don became a regular face on popular TV series, “Cow And Chicken” produced by Funny Face, until recently when little was heard about the two.


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