Directors Of ¨Beast Of No Nation¨ Gave Me $15,000 – Shatta Wale


Dancehall king Shatta Wale has revealed that directors of the movie ¨Beast Of Nation¨ paid him $15,000 because his songs were sang by most of the boys during the making of the movie.

Batting an eyelid to the ongoing ¨brouhaha¨ surrounding ¨Beat of No Nation¨ actor Strika, on his seeming neglect by directors of the movie, family and manager, Shatta revealed directors of the said movie, contacted him and some other artistes for a financial settlement, because the boys in the movie sang their songs during the movie.

¨They (directors) proposed an amount of between $200 and $500 for each of us. But I declined, because I felt the amount they were paying did not measure up to our status. I felt they were taking us for granted, so i did not accept the amount they proposed¨, he said in an interview on Zylofon FM´s Showbiz Agenda.

¨From a reliable source my other colleagues ended up taking a mere $500 and I believe that was disrespectful. Hence, after a period they (directors) called me and handed me an amount of $15,000. And this is how much I believe, we deserved and should have bargained for¨, he told Arnold Elavanyo Mensah (sit-in host for Sammy Flex).

Born Emmanuel Adom Quaye, Strika as he was known in the movie, is reported to be living on alms.




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