If You Enjoy Ebony’s “Sponsor” Song, Don’t Criticize Moesha’s CNN Interview – Richardson Commey


After actress Moesha Buduong’s interview with ace American journalist Christine Amanpour on CNN, she was slandered by the public for portraying Ghanaian women as “whores”.

However, Richardson Fio Commey, asks all those who hurled insults at Moesha, if they grooved to Ebony’s hit song, “Sponsor”.

The song projects the life of a young lady, with an old man who supports her financially but cannot perform very well in bed, and on the other hand, a broke young man who is sexually good.

According to him, Moesha’s critics sang along to the “Sponsor song and hence were not in the right, for maligning her.

Mr. Commey, who is also the head of Performing Acts and Programs for Center For National Culture, Cape Coast is currently embarking on a project to monitor musical contents in Ghana.


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