Dancehall In Ghana Makes Me Cringe – Paulina Oduro


High-life musician and actress Paulina Oduro on the “Showbiz Agenda” with Sammy Flex this morning, has expressed her disgust towards dance-hall music in Ghana. According to her, some Ghanaian artistes do not understand the meaning of dance-hall.

Paulina opined that Ghanaians do not know the real meaning of dance-hall and that she cringes whenever she hears artistes who do not do dancehall music as it should be.

“…i cringe when i hear some of the so-called dance-hall artists…”

“…it is not that i don’t like it, do Ghanaians know what dance-hall means?” she probed.

She also mentioned that she was once married to a Jamaican and grew up with Caribbeans, and so she is familiar with dance-hall. Additionally, she also loves reggae.

Paulina mentioned that some artistes do not know the difference between reggae and dancehall. She further advised dancehall artistes to improve on the genre by finding the meaning to the lyrics of their songs before they release these songs. This, she mentioned was very important because some lyrics don’t sound right to the elderly

“As an elderly person i get very angry when i hear some of the lyrics these dance-hall artists are coming up with… …they don’t know the difference, they don’t know what they’re saying. Find out  the meaning of the lyrics before u say them”, she recommended.



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