Corruption In GFA Was Revealed To Me By God – Countryman Songo


Popular Ghanaian sports journalist Patrick Osei Agyeman, popularly known as Countryman Songo, has revealed his inspiration to fight the corruption within the Ghana Football Association.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on HitzFM, the broadcaster mentioned that the corruption in the GFA was revealed to him by God (Most High).

“God told me there were rots in GFA”, he said.

He further described the Ghana Football Association as selfish and self-serving without any regard for Ghana.

“The Ghana Football Association did not think about Ghana. They were only thinking about their ex-gratia and things. When was the last time Black Stars won AFCON? I kept saying our system is rotten.”

He added that the corruption within the Ghanaian Football fraternity was becoming unbearable and some persons would like to “massage the issues” but he would not, but rather become “a firebrand that will hit them”.

“Out of these competitions, you find officials traveling, enjoying so we definitely need to hit them hard.”

Countryman Songo further stated that he was incorruptible and could not be bribed.


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