Check Out What Willi Roy Had To Say About Wendy Shay’s Alleged Explicit Performance For Kids


Wendy shay is in the news again after the ‘dumb question’ brouhaha between her and a journalist but this time for performing explicit songs to kids at a kid’s birthday party which seems to have angered some people because of the claim that she performed explicit songs, her known songs including “Uber Driver” and “Bedroom Commando” to the children but veteran sound engineer Willi Roy thinks otherwise.

The music producer today vehemently stated on Zylofon 102.1 FM on ‘Showbiz Agenda’ with Sammy Flex that, “we are in a situation where we don’t regulate the time of play. We have already polluted the air and we come back and say why are the kids singing these songs. It is true that the pictorial realities of kids are not the same hence let’s blame no one in this case. We the adults who know it is sexually suggestive have played it in the time when the kids are listening. Our only salvation is in their pictorial realities.

Those people that are picking on the girl have their reality and to them it was offensive but if they took the time to ask the kids, they will understand that they are not thinking the way you are thinking. They are not seeing it the way you are seeing it, they are happy with the song and they are singing it. Secondly the reason we play these songs is not because it is explicit, let’s be realistic about the child’s pictorial reality. This is just being done to victimize Wendy Shay because she has succeeded in ways that no one thought she could”.

Willi Roy is a legedary music producer and currently the A&R for Zylofon Music.


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