Check Out What James Gardiner Had To Say About Actors Who Think It Is Not Their Duty To Promote A Movie After Production


An argument started some weeks ago that when it comes to movies and premieres actors are not under any obligation at all to promote the movies they have been featured in. They believe it is the work of the producer or director to promote their movies and go make their money but James Gardiner thinks differently.

He explained on ‘Showbiz Agenda’ with Sammy Flex that, “as an actor, you are under the obligation to promote a movie you have been featured in just that you must make sure you structure it well with the producer or whoever is sphere heading the whole campaign so that you do interviews in the times you are most comfortable with.

You can’t help them cut a piece of log and then leave one person alone to carry the log to wherever you are going to burn it. I think it goes hand in hand because you are helping yourself and helping them hence, you are pushing your brand and making the people know you are still in the system.”

He genuinely believes an actor is obliged to take part in the promotion of movies but then it also depends on the contract between the two parties.


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