CHALEWOTE 2018 | What To Expect At Chalewote 2018


The 8th annual CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival takes place in Accra from August 20th to 26th with over 125 Ghanaian artists, community activists and international collectives building and exhibiting works in James Town and venues across the city.

In the 2018 edition of the most anticipated Street Art Festival in Ghana themed “PARA OTHER”, the organizers explore beyond the subjective polarized view of reality employing the work of the historical and contemporary works of artists from across Africa and the Black diaspora.

Para-Other is a transatlantic shortwave that transcends language and geography. Para-Other requires new knowledge fractals, codes, symbols, and sounds that transmit our core creative intent where imperial languages fail us. This order is an embracing of a black labyrinth and establishment of an aesthetic that captures our cessation of flight and transit into a noncontested existence.

CHALE WOTE means “man, let’s go!” in Ga (the language of the people of Greater Accra) and it is also a reference to flip-flops. The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance, and performance out into the streets.

CHALE WOTE includes a vibrant mix of visual art, photography, films, fashion, mixed media, interventions, processions, live music, dance, panels, discussions, tours, food and more, it seeks to mobilize a public passion for art and to cultivate a wider audience for the arts, breaking boundaries to provide access to people of all walks of life.

What to Expect at CHALE WOTE 2018

SHIKA SHIKA Art Fair – Monday, August 20 -26
The Shika Shika Art fair is our inaugural street art fair at CHALE WOTE, featuring a psychedelic mix of work across different generations and disciplines. The art fair will open on Monday, August 20, at the Brazil House and will close at the end of the festival on Sunday, August 26.

The LABS – August 21-24
The LABS is a 4-day mix of artist talks, film screenings, special workshops, DJ mixers, and performances. This event explores the festival theme – PARA OTHER – in depth with intimate conversations and connections with artists participating in CHALE WOTE 2018 who share with audiences about their creative process, projects, and collaborations. The LABS is an open activation space where we encourage everyone to bring out their reflections on PARA OTHER.

JAMES TOWN WEEKEND – August 25 + 26
The final two days of the festival take place in James Town (August 25 + 26). This year, we amplify the number of artworks and performances at specific locations across James Town. Social fun, parties, and jamming will happen also at designated locations. This will allow for smoother flows of human traffic along the streets of the festival.

THE OPEN GALLERY EXPERIENCE + SATELLITE – Monday, August 20 – Sunday, August 26
For the third time, CHALE WOTE is extending the festival to a full week of activities. This year, The Open Gallery returns with a fresh mix of Accra galleries and exhibitions that demonstrate the vibrancy of contemporary Ghanaian art and music. We will be collaborating with Kukun, Elle Lokko, ANO Institute of Contemporary Arts, Abajo Culture+Art Café, Republic Bar, Roots and Soul and Deo Gratias Studio.

Other activities…

Otublohum Square will host all the performance art work at the festival. From 3 PM each day. August 25-26.

Brazil Lane will also host the Accra Royal Mural Wall. Come watch Ghana-based and international muralists breathe new life into the walls of James Town. August 25+26

The James Fort Prison will be Open again this year! Make sure to check out the video installation going on there!

The Old Kingsway building will host our Highlife Cafe stage

Mantse Agbonaa will host our stage! A rich mix of internative and mainstream music from across the world; from experimental jazz funk to golden age highlife and afrobeats. August 25+26

The festival is produced by ACCRA [dot] ALT and REDD KAT Pictures in collaboration with CHALE WOTE STREET ART PROJKT, DANDANO, OSRAMBA MEDIA and other cultural organizations across the city.


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