Cast Good Talents For Roles, Not Social Media Stars – Belinda Dzattah


Actress Belinda Dzattah has called on directors and producers to cultivate the habit of casting qualified actors and actresses for roles instead of popular ones.

In a one-on-one with the news review team from Zylofon 102.1 FM, the voluptuous actress fumed over the rampant rise in the seeming biased casting for movies.

According to her, movie makers are fond of casting “social media celebrities” instead of those who can play the roles better.

“There are good actors and actresses in this country. But some directors will go in for someone who wants to act for free, just for the hype, instead of those who perfectly fit the role“, she averred.

Belinda stated further that, she will prefer being in one good movie the entire year to being in every single movie without being paid.

Moreover, Belinda suggested that, more auditions be held by production houses, in order to select deserving actors and actresses for roles.


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