Blakk Rasta Out With Danceable ¨Dede¨


Popular reggae artiste,Blakk Rasta, has released an unusual song different from his known identity, reggae.

The song, ¨Dede¨, can best be described as a typical afro-pop with a fast rhythmic pace, that can be able to keep party goers and club patronizers on their feet, for a long time.

The lastest from Rasta, portrays his versatility at producing songs from other genres.

The song, whose riff guitar, was taken from a local Beninois folksong; was later modified and re-written by Angelique Kidjo,also from Benin with the title ¨Batonga¨ released in 1991.

Rasta, who over the period has released lots of popular reggae songs with ¨Obama¨ as one; has eight (8) albums to his credit.


Listen to the audio slide of ¨Dede¨:


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