BBC News Beat: Ghanaian Dance In Retrospection


Dance forms a major part of showbiz. Going hand in hand with music, one cannot but move the body to the rhythm of music buzzing loud in the speakers.

Ghana is known for exceptional dance moves, from traditional dance to the growing trends of fusing a number of them together with a pinch of creativity(Afrobeats).

Dancers Nick and Lloyd were featured on BBC recently and Lloyd(@dancegodlloyd) recounts how dance has evolved over time.

The energetic dancer mentioned that social media has been very instrumental in his build-up as a dancer.

He said:”Social media has helped me tremendously. I get all my gigs from there.I just have to record a video and put it on social media without paying a dime.

I  feel like social media is a place to share your talent; it is a place for the creatives.”


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