Angry Parents Beat School Headmaster For Caning Ward


Teacher of a Junior High School at Kokofu, Goaso in the Ahafo Region has been physically assaulted in the presence of his colleague teachers by parents of a student for caning their ward.

Mr Marfo Boakye who claimed he disciplined his student for not partaking in his class exercise was later subjected to beatings and strokes of canes after the student, Asana Rukaya rushed home to report to her parents about the incident.

Summing up to four, the angry parents interrupted lessons when they stormed the school to drag out Mr Boakye who was having his lessons with the JHS One students and beat him mercilessly.

The parents whose action caused fear and panic on the school premises left immediately after they successfully carried out their mission.

In an interview with, some teachers stated that they could not come to the aid of the headmaster as he struggled to free himself because they were equally scared.

Mr Boakye was later taken to the police station to lodge a formal complaint and to gain medical form for medical examination.



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