Angel Obinim Turns Stone Into Gold


The popular man of God was seen turning stone into gold to the admiration of his congregants Founder and leader of The International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has caused yet another stir on social media with a latest video of one of his church services in which turned ordinary stone into gold. The popular Man of God was seen in a latest video performing a ‘miracle’ for one of his church members who came to church with a random stone he picked up. According to the man of God, he was turning the stone into gold so as to change the fortunes of the man who was seen in a red T-shirt.

The popular man of God who has come to be known as an ‘angel’ stood in front of his mammoth congregation as he performed the miracle to their viewing pleasure. After the rare miracle, many of the congregants rushed to the front of the auditorium to take a glance at the stone which had been turned into gold.

Angel Obinim has been in the news over the last couple of weeks for the many controversial statements he has made. Not too long ago, the pastor indicated that Jesus Christ had made a lot of mistakes and was disrespectful.

Quite recently, the man of God indicated that 2 of his angel friends wanted to punish some pastors in Ghana.

Bishop Daniel Obinim is arguably one of Ghana’s most influential Men of God. The self-proclaiming angel of God is noted for his stylish way of dressing and for the many miracles he works for some of his congregants. He is also counted among the richest Men of God in the country because he boasts of many houses and expensive cars. Aside the fact that many people do not side with some of the antics and controversies, the Man of God has been involved in, he commands a huge church following both in Kumasi and Accra. The Man of God is married to local gospel sensation, Florence Obinim. It is believed that he is the producer of all the songs credited to the gospel songstress.



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