Anas To Report Nyantakyi To FIFA


The ace international investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has decided to report an alleged misconduct by the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, to world football’s governing body, FIFA.

An investigative sting operation is said to have captured Nyantakyi on video entering into sponsorship deals with some investors who ended up being undercover agents for Anas.

Nyantakyi’s conduct, the source noted, contravened FIFA’s ethics.

The Daily Graphic has gathered that Anas is on his way to the FIFA Headquarters in Switzerland to deliver the petition.

“This issue is beyond Ghana,” a source close to the investigations told the Daily Graphic.

“Just a little portion of the video features Ghana. It is an international operation and will be handled as such,” it said.

Meanwhile, FIFA is on record to have stated that it is monitoring the events in Ghana keenly as they unfold, but Mr Nyantakyi has denied any wrongdoing.

According to him, he deserved recognition for his impressive work towards the growth of Ghana’s football.

Build up

Anas has released an exciting and suspense-filled piece on his social media page eulogising men who have contributed to the growth of Ghana football.

“It is for these poor folks, the duped, long-suffering fans and the numerous sports journalists some of whom I have mentioned here — journalists who get to work at the crack of dawn and stay late to bring up-to-date news to the public — that I have undertaken this ‘Number 12’ assignment,” he noted.

“It is for the sake of more sanity and transparency that I have decided to scrape clean this tainted football system for a fresh start.

“The very foundation of Ghana football will collapse in a heap, to be rebuilt by the concerned sports journalists and the honest football people who will remain standing,” he further went on.

He, accordingly, urged Ghanaians to hold their breaths for what he termed the “explosive exposé in the coming days”.


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