“The stage is a mirror and drama is the reflection of life”—Shakespear. That exactly is what can be said of “FADED BLUE BRINT: AFTER THE LAST COUP” produced by Play House.kom & Philjoe Multi media and slated for 5th August, 2018.

This production, also conceptualised by Oswald Okaitei (poet, spoken word artiste, playwright & creator) is a bricolage—a performance comprising poetry, music & dance in one story line (drama)—created with the poems by one of Ghana’s astute poet/essayist & a retired surgeon, Prof. Lade Wosornu, seeks to bring into context the aftermath situation of a motherland after a military regime. In a more relaxed and a decorum environment, this poetry act (as always) is geared at entertaining audience and in another breath, stimulating a nationalistic discourse towards creating a more progressive society where everyone sees him or herself as a stakeholder.

The performance is a well prepared one and will feature a dancing group, instrumentalists and cast members as Siemens Brako, Naomi Dzidedi Hini, Emmanuel Donkor, Bansah Harriet Emefa, Ibrahim Quao, Juliana Acheampong, Christopher Appiah, members of Achievers Ghana among others.

Once we looked

Into the future with one ‘eyes’

And dreamt

A common dream for this mother land

But after the last firing of gun

At the seat of power, tell me countrymen; what has happened to the Blue Print?

(Oswald Okaitei)


The venue for the performance is Jamestown Cafe near the Ussher Fort on the Atta Mills High Street, Accra and time is from 3pm-6pm. Entrance is free. RSVP +233 571 174 908



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