Ada Queen Mother Caught With Blakk Rasta


When a song is good, it does not matter one’s status in society, it is always difficult resisting the temptation of either playing the song again or dancing to it.

One such song is Blakk Rasta’s latest single, “Dede”, produced by King Jay – a typical African traditional tune with a strong rhythm, which is capable of keeping one on his or her on the dancing floor, for a very long time.

In a video, the Paramount Queenmother of Ada traditional area, Her Majesty Naana Dumaaley I, is seen enjoying Africa’s biggest dance banger..🔥🔥🔥 #DEDE, by Blakk Rasta.

Who can fault her when the virus is so infectious?

The song has caught so much fire that, it has become a household among party goers and club “freaks”.

Blakk Rasta, who is noted for his poetic songs, is credited with a number of popular tunes namely “Barak Obama”, “Kuchoko”, “Serwaa Akoto”, “Sakina”, “My African Queen”, “Kofi Annan” and a plethora of other soothing songs, believes “Dede” is one of his biggest songs.




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