Accra Prostitutes Reveal Why They Take Tramadol


The menace of Tramadol use in the country seems to be affecting all strands of society including prostitutes.

Already, the unapproved use of this drug coupled with its attendant effects has seen the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) embark on an intensified campaign against the smuggling of the drug.

Checks show that the approved dosage for patch of Tramadol is 50 milligrams but developments recorded show Ghanaians are taking in 100 to 250 milligrams of the drug. The reason(s) for taking these unapproved drugs are diverse.

Interactions by GHOne with some Tramadol users show that whereas some of them take the drug to give them strength to work extra hours, others also feel the drug helps them have fun for prolonged hours with their partners.

On the side of some prostitutes in Accra, the use of these drugs helps them escape the emotional tortures experienced on the line of duty.

“Sometimes the kind of guy you have is a ‘not not’ but because of money you can’t talk. I use Tramol to help to do it without feeling bad,” A sex worker at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle confessed to

The consequences for taking Tramadol are mostly deadly. In fact, doctors have revealed that abusers of the drug suffer dire side effects including kidney and liver damage and ultimately death.

“For me I always take one every time before I meet my customer. It makes me wild. You can’t cheat me,” another sex worker, who claims to be a victim of abuse during her line of duty revealed. When asked if they each know about the effects of Tramadol, these prostitutes revealed they take precautions whenever they take the drug.

“ We all take this drug, it opens our eyes,” they claimed.

So far, there has been a national campaign against the use of Tramadol. In fact, security experts fear the increase in the use of Tramadol has the impact of triggering cases of armed robbery and even terrorist attacks on the country.


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