Video: Real Drumz aka Atumpan Advises Hit Makers In Ghana- “Get Distribution Abroad”

The story will obviously change when one travels out of Ghana in all spheres of life but it seems the change in the life and music career of Atumpan who prefers to be called Drumz is mind blowing. Atumpan who came to lime light some years ago with “The Thing” is now based in London with a new brand as an artiste, he likes to be called Real Drumz for your information.

When Gh Kwaku and Sammy Flex caught up with him on their “International Connect” platform which seeks to interview people doing well abroad, he revealed a lot including being successful in London, not being comfortable with some Ghanaian promoters, making sure his songs are on main stream radio and many more. “I don`t need to be a musician with a hit song on radio before i can survive. I am making money from streaming and playing at one or two festivals. My only advise to the current crop of musicians making hits in Ghana is that they should get distribution of their works abroad to increase their income stream. They should not limit themselves to Ghana alone as their numbers are enough to give them good money. The new crop of artistes are doing fine but i think they can do more to survive than just releasing hits” he revealed.

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