2 Pesewas Claims Part Ownership Of D Flex’s Latest Single – “Progress”


Ghanaian musician D Flex’s desire for applause and encomiums embracing his latest song – “Progress” – was nearly marred by an underground artiste, 2 Pesewas, who said he partly owns the song.

Flex, who was on Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM to launch the song, as part of his media tour to promote the song, initially could not conceive the claims by 2 Pesewas.

” The guy lives in my family house at Abeka Lapaz (a suburb of Accra). I went to visit my family members. So whiles there, a cousin of mine, Wahab, introduced this (2 Pesewas) guy to me. My cousin told me the guy was an underground artiste and had a demo studio in his room. While, this “convo” was on-going, the guy prevailed on me to do something ( a song) with him. So upon the insistence of my cousin, we got into his studio, and as he dropped several beats, the three of us -2 Pesewas, my cousin and I, were pooling ideas so we came up the the first verse and the chorus for the song, then I left”, he explained.

“This guy I believe wants the hype and attention. He created a beat and I started with the lines, so how is the song yours. While doing the song, I even had to fall on some of the tenants in the house, for assistants in the pronunciation of some of the Twi words. So, Sammy Flex, if I am doing a song and I ask you for some ideas, does that mean you own the song?”, he queried.

But, 2 Pesewas, upon hearing the sing being played for the first time on radio, called the producers of the show, alerting them that, he is a partial owner to the song.

Hence host of the show, Sammy Flex, who then was playing the “original” song sent by 2 Pesewas, put him through and asked him to be truthful and straight forward, for listeners to hear his side of the story.

” This is not fair, Bra. Sammy. I am hurt. I was in my studio one day when Flex came through. When he came, he heard a beat I was playing, and he liked it so he jumped on it, but when he returned I had a problem with my computer so I could not retrieve that beat for him. So, I played another beat, which he loved and wanted to use it, but I told him it was my beat and that we could do a song together on the beat, which he obliged. So we did the song together – I wrote bits of the piece and he also wrote bits”, he revealed.

” I had written a song titled, “Enemy”, with the same lines as “Progress”. So, When he insisted on using the beat, I thought I could at least leverage on his experience and name, so I could also come to light. Realizing, he is one step ahead of me, and so doing a song with him, will definitely give me the recognition I desired. I wrote the lines of the song. I never had in mind featuring him on the song. I had the song written, with the title “Enemy”. For evidence sake, you can go to my studio and open the data, and you will see the “…enemy don’t want my progress…”. While in the studio, the song was playing, so we decided to do this together. So if he would go behind me and do the song, and feature a different person, I don’t think it’s fair, Sammy”, he condemned

D Flex, had to eat humble pie, and accept the fact that his action was nit the best.




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