¨The Corner¨ Is Catching Fire On Zylofon TV


In recent times that telenovelas have invaded our television screens thereby relegating local contents to the background, it is refreshing to know that a local television series, is gradually and speedily gaining popularity among television viewers in the country.

¨The Corner¨, a social drama series that reflects the adventures, dreams and the circumstances around young people in a neighborhood, highlights the present social circumstances that surrounds the youth and also focuses on pertinent and interesting characters.

The series, tells the story of Auntie Deidei, -an aggressive and fearless Ga woman- who sells kenkey in the neighborhood. Her strict motherly discipline towards her 17-year old daughter, Atswee and her noisy behavior, has given her the title “Maame Gyata”; as she is feared by all.

When Auntie Deidei realizes that Atswee is pregnant, her only suspicion is the young men in THE CORNER.

THE CORNER is a credit vendor’s place, where most of the young men in the neighborhood, hang out and have conversations.

Auntie Deidei storms the Corner to purchase airtime, then calls her older son Nii Kpakpo– A military man on a peace keeping in Libya- to come and deal with the unscrupulous young men who have impregnated his little sister.

This alarm sets pandemonium among good friends- Bed Braker, Romanus, The Lord is my Shepherd, Patu and Aweegnaa being the chief suspect of the allegation.

Bed Braker is a womanizer, Romanus wants to be a musician, Patu is the gossip, The Lord is my Shepherd is a preacher and Aweegnaa likes “Small Small Girls”. While Bed Braker denies responsibility of Atswee’s pregnancy, Aweegnaa runs into hiding. The search for who is responsible for Atswee’s pregnancy is on and, Auntie Dedei is ready to go to any length to find and deal with the suspect. But the question remains a mystery, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ATWSEE’S PREGNANCY?


The Corner is written, directed and produced by Eddie Nartey.

Being the first television series for Zet Cinema, Nartey has promised not to starve viewers, from enjoying this exciting piece.

¨We will make sure we bring the second season soon. There are too many people who want to be part of the second season, which will be more exciting and intriguing than the first. So viewers should keep their fingers crossed¨, Nartey said in an interview with zylofonmediaonline.com

The Corner shows every Sunday from 8pm to 8:30pm, and on Tuesdays from 3pm to 3:30 pm.




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